Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: Impostor - Susanne Winnacker

What If we had the power to change into whoever we wanted to be ? What would it be like if we could shapeshift our bodies ? What if we had super abilities ? 
Susanne Winnacker's new book looks at another side of having powerful abilities.
Review: Impostor -Book #1 Variants - Susanne Winnacker - May 2013

A serial killer is rampaging through a small town in Oregon , the killer is attacking mainly females and strangling them and doing a Scarlet Letter number on them by carving the letter A above their chests. When one of the victims is discovered in a coma , the FBI calls the Variants - this is a small covert team of teenagers and adults who have abilities whether it be super-strength like The Incredible Hulk or the ability to read minds like Charles Xavier or in this particular novel Tessa who like Mystique has the ability to shape-shift into anybody. When the girl who was the latest victim Madison dies, Tessa is brought in to pretend to be Madison and lure the killer to justice. What will happen though when Tessa starts to get used to her new family as she has never had one before also what will Tessa discover when it becomes clear that A) Madison had a lot of secrets and B) she might not be the only Variant in this small town. 
Impostor was an enjoyable and fast-paced book that those who love human shape-shifting novels like Em Bailey's Shift will enjoy.



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