Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: The Rules for Disappearing - Ashley Elston

Looking for a new teen book to read ?
Love reading Witness Protection type books ?
Review: The Rules for Disappearing -Book #1 Rules-  Ashley Elston - May 2013
Imagine having to move from one place to another , and when you do move it's starting fresh in everything including a new identity. That's what Meg and her family have done six times in the past six months. Hoping that this is her last move , Meg has laid down some ground rules just in case - they are a set of rules that one must abide when living in the Witness Protection Programme. All goes well until her first day of school , when Meg is made the centre of attention between Jock - Ben Smith and Farmer boy - Ethan Landry ( this part made me smile as I'm sure Ethan in the actual "The Lying Game" books not the tv show surname is similar or the same) and it seems like Ethan has made it his goal to find out all there is about Meg by quizzing her on information that definitely was not in their information packages that help the cover story of Lewisville. What happens though when it seems that the past has caught up with Meg's family and the real reason they are in the Witness protection programme is revealed and that somebody is after them especially now that memories have started to flood back for Meg's family.  
The Rules for Disappearing was a fun read and one that kept me on my toes and I enjoyed it so much that I am looking forward to reading Book #2 when it's released and have added it to my Goodreads wishlist.


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