Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: The Elite - Kiera Cass

Are you a fan of Dystopian Fiction ?
Love watching reality TV shows like The Bachelor etc ?
Get ready for Book #2 in Kiera Cass's Selection series ......

Review: The Elite - Book #2 The Selection - Kiera Cass- April 2013

This book I have been waiting to read for ages, as I managed to score an ARC of the first novel back before it was released. However, things have gotten in the way so I have had this sitting on my Ipad for a few months now and then I think I must have seen something yesterday that sparked my interest back with this book, so this morning with my cup of tea - I read it from cover to back , in one sitting. I love this series so much as it mixes my two favourite genres/things together we have the Dystopian feel of the future society and then we have the Reality TV show of the Prince picking his princess - A Cinderella Story. In The Elite , we read as it is down to six girls at the beginning and then four and slowly it dwindles down to three girls. Celeste - the spoilt brat , Kriss and America . In The Elite, we read as America is still torn between her love for Aspen and the new found love she has for Prince Maxon. We can read that she wants to be with the Prince, but is filled with self-doubt as she is near the lower scale of the castes. This novel is one that if you are a crier in books, then about three quarters of the way through , you will need tissues as my eyes started to water. This incident casts more doubt into America's mind as she wonders to become Queen do you need to lose all that you are and the compassion and empathy towards others- especially those you love and desire. Near the end of this novel, our minds start to waver as we wonder if America will be the chosen one or whether it will be Kriss as she seems to be more accepted of the Royal's mannerisms etc.  With a boost of help from those who America loves and has come to adore, can she prove to the King and Queen and Maxon that she is the one he should be with.
Find out in Book #2 The Elite and now I cannot wait to read the SS - The Prince and await for Book #3 - The One.



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