Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: Suddenly You - Cecilia Gray

 Are you a fan of Renditions ? Love Jane Austen's Stories ?
Get ready for the next book in the Jane Austen Academy Series "Suddenly You" 

Review: Suddenly You - Book #4 Jane Austen Academy Series - Cecilia Gray - May 2013

One of my favourite things I like to read about is renditions of classic novels and one in particular is the renditions of Jane Austen's fiction. Suddenly You is a modern rendition of Mansfield Park and follows the main character Fanny Suto. Fanny has always wanted to be a track star and one day enter the Olympics. Her over-bearing Asian mother on the other hand wants Fanny to go off to Stanford Medical School and become a Doctor. So when Fanny is offered a scholarship to the Jane Austen Academy, her mother pushes her forward to it. Fanny has a love interest, she is in love with her best friend Tran - one of the only few Asian guys at the Academy and her Mischief and Mayhem partner in crime. When the pair after committing a bit of B&E discover that the Academy may be closing down, they have to do something so Fanny enlists the help of her friends Lizzie - Pride and Prejudice , Anne- Sense and Sensibility , Kat - Northanger Abbey and Emma - Emma along with Henry - Northanger Abbey and Josh Wickham- Pride and Prejudice to help come up with a plan to save the school. What happens though when the plan backfires and Fanny finds herself lost without a scholarship ? Will her friends still stand by her when the going gets tough and even when all is lost - will Fanny discover her true love at the Jane Austen Academy ?
Fans of Jane Austen's books and those who love the modern renditions will love "Suddenly You' by Cecilia Gray.


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