Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: Hindsight - Sarah Belle

Do you love time-travelling books ?
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Check out the new debut novel from Aussie author Sarah Belle....
Review: Hindsight - Sarah Belle - July 2013

When I saw this book available on Netgalley, I knew I just had to read it as I was captivated from the cover image and when I opened it I was sure on a ride for a great and enjoyable and at sad times novel. Hindsight is first set in the modern world where Juliette is a busy working mum with two boys Ethan and Cal and her husband Chris does most of the parenting. When after a party and a coffee date, Juliette overhears one of the single mothers Anja talking about hooking up with her husband Chris and just waiting for Chris to leave his wife - Juliette. Angry, she confronts him and then falls to sleep after copious amounts of alcohol. The next morning, Juliette awakes only to find herself in the year 1961 instead of 2013 and she is a happy stay-at-home mum with not two boys but three including an older son called Will. Her Mother is alive in this alternate reality but living in an insane asylum. Can Juliette figure out what has happened and play the role of a 1960's housewife or when she starts spouting off and forgetting things - will she find herself carted off to the Mental asylum and unable to return back to the modern world . What will happen though as Juliette comes to embrace the 1960's world and she discovers herself back in modern reality ? Will she mourn for the life she's lost, the son that only she knew and loved , the best friend she made across the road ? Has Juliette been given a second chance of happiness with her family ?
Hindsight is a lovely and sweet contemporary romance and is a quick and fascinating read, in a way it reminded me of the Brendan Fraser Movie when he goes back in time mixed with the Reese Witherspoon and Tobey Maguire - Pleasantville.


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