Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: Hereafter - Kate Brian

Gone are the days of Kate Brian's Private Series as she moves into a brand new series called "Shadowlands" and here today on The Phantom Paragrapher is my review of Book #2 in this awesome new series.
Review: Hereafter - Book #2 Shadowlands Series - Kate Brian - October 2013

Rory and her family were on their way to a Witness Protection Safe House in Book#1 Shadowlands when on the highway they were killed. Unsure if it was real or not , Rory and her family went off happily to Juniper's Landing - a nice coastal town in the middle of nowhere . However strange things started happening and people were disappearing and not remembering others, yet Rory could remember them as clear as day. In Book #2 it turns out that Juniper's Landing is a town for those in Limbo and everyone in Juniper's Landing is in fact DEAD. However, with death there are those who are chosen to become guides to either the Shadowlands or the Light - the good or the bad depending how you spent your time on earth. These people are called Lifers and it turns out that Rory fits into that category. What happens though when strange things start occurring and the balance of good and evil is compromised ? Has someone from the "Lifers" team discovered how to kill themselves ? Worse is that they are trying to frame Rory for it. Can Rory with the help of her newfound friends - fellow "Lifers" help restore balance or will Rory be pushed too far when her best friend Aaron and Dad are thrown to the Shadowlands instead of the Light ?
A wonderful book and a series that I hope Kate continues with as I can't wait to see what will happen with Darcy and Tristan ?

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