Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: Into My Arms by Kylie Ladd

Are you a fan of Jodi Picoult's and Caroline Overington's books ? 
Wanting something along those lines to read ?
Check out the new release by Aussie author Kylie Ladd.
Review: Into my Arms - Kylie Ladd - May 2013

Skye has always been a sensible one and is happy in her long-term relationship with boyfriend Hamish, that is until she meets Ben - a teacher at the school that she is working as an Art Tutor. It is like magnetic fields are at work in the air with these two as Ben and Skye seem connected and drawn together, no matter what happens the pair can't stay apart. So Skye knowing she has met her soulmate breaks up with Hamish and starts dating Ben. All is well till she brings Ben to meet her family, her mum can't help but notice his uncanny likeness to Skye and the story is then split into two - we read as Skye and Ben get closer and closer and Skye's mum Nell's journey to discover Ben's true identity. When Nell discovers the truth of who Ben really is , what will happen to Skye and Ben's perfect relationship - even more so when tragedy strikes and Skye's life is left hanging on the balance of life and death ?
Into My Arms has an edgy content feel to it and is written in the same tradition as authors like Catherine Ryan Hyde, Jodi Picoult, Caroline Overington, Nicole Trope and Ilsa Bick.
Into My Arms is a story that will have your moral compass ticking as you read through the story. 



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