Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: Thomas and January - Fisher Amelie

Did you enjoy Fisher Amelie's Callum and Harper story ?
Wanting more of the Sleepless series ?
Get ready for Book #2 Thomas and January by Indie author Fisher Amelie.

 Review: Thomas and January - Book #2 Sleepless Series - Fisher Amelie - June 2012

I always find it when I get stuck in a book rut that it's New Adult at the moment which can pull me out from the suffering that one gets when no matter how much they try to read , they just can't get into anything and I mean ANYTHING.  
Thomas and January is a book that I have had sitting on my Ipad to read for a long time , so decided to finally get stuck into it and as usual I enjoyed it and I loved how Fisher had brought in characters from the first novel Callum and Harper as well which made the story feel like a follow-on rather than a side by side tale. 
Thomas and January tells the story of firstly Thomas who was in the band "The Ivories" from Book #1 - he was Tie-Dye Tom , now after getting his heart broken from the one he thought was his true-love Kelly , Thomas saddled up and headed to Austin and became "The Music Scout" everyone wanted to impress. He wasn't looking for love until January came along and from the first impulse kiss of theirs , he hasn't been able to get her out of his head. January is like the female equivalent of Thomas and the worst thing is that they find each other equally annoying, will the pair get over this and discover that they truly are meant for each other or will Thomas still have the thought of Kelly holding him back and make January wary of approaching him ?
Find out in this awesome sequel to Callum and Harper - Thomas and January.


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