Thursday, June 20, 2013

VBT# Review: Playing the Part - Robin Covington


Today's book review is part of the VBT# for Robin Covington's new book "Playing the Part".
Review: Playing the Part - Robin Covington - June 2013

Piper James has finally reached back on top , but things will only continue to work if she can prove to the world that she has changed and that she really isn't the crazy girl she was last year when it was discovered her fiance -Hollywood actor Antonio was cheating on her. Now with one of her books being made into a film, Piper has been asked to come help coach the main actor Mick Blackwell into -how to perfect falling in love. Mick can't do romance and love, he can do sex and lust but the other part -just isn't him.
So begins the duo working together to make the film perfect , the pair as we all know what happens in novels like this - start having a "movie fling" with no strings attached but one rule -no sleepovers. So begins their tryst and all is going well until the pair actually start to fall in love with each other. All goes well, until after a romantic getaway they come back to reality only to find photos of their intimacy etc splashed all across the tabloids. Piper feeling betrayed takes a step back , but can Mick prove to Piper that he actually loves her and that she is the one for him or will Piper believe that Mick really is just playing her heart like a part in a movie ?
Find out in Robin Covington's new contemp romance Playing the Part.



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