Review: The S Word by Chelsea Pitcher

Are you a fan of Edgy teen novels?
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Review: The S Word - Chelsea Pitcher - May 2013.
WOW , when I picked up this book I didn't know what to expect but reading the back of the novel I figured that it was one that I might enjoy. It wasn't until I started reading the first page that I knew it was a book that would fall into my highly recommended list as it was an amazing and thought provoking read. The S Word , shows how easy things can be viewed in a whole different light and just how one tiny mistake can turn a persons life upside down and even worse it can drive the person who is the victim - the target into committing the act of suicide. As I was reading "The S Word" , my mind kept flashing back to the Lifetime Channel movie I had just watched recently "Sexting in Suburbia" - in a way The S Word reminded me of a cross between the film Sexting in Suburbia and the book Reconstructing Amelia. In The S Word , the main character Lizzie commits suicide after being bullied and then 2 weeks after the funeral strange things start happening and now her former best friend Angie wants to get to the bottom of the mess and find just who it was who drew her friend to suicide. In this last part it also reminded me of the book I read last weekend "Undone" by Cat Clarke. 
The S Word is one of those books that should be if you love reading edgy fiction , be placed at the top of your pile of books.




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