Monday, June 10, 2013

Review: I Remember You - Melanie Marks

Looking for a new teen book to read ?
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 Review: I Remember You - Melanie Marks - November 2012

As people know, I am a cover girl and this cover attracted me as it had a sense of maybe a deja vu feeling or reincarnation feel to it. The novel starts with the main character Rain and her best friend Nine at the mall when they see a stand for Young Artists. They wander over and one of the artists captures Rain's attention, she can't help but think he looks familiar but shrugs it off as he must be a model or someone famous. The next day, Rain gets a phone call to say her best friend Kyle has returned home - Nine years ago Kyle was kidnapped and all hope was lost . Now Kyle has returned home and it seems that Artist boy is in fact Kyle and then begins the novel of Rain's struggle between love as she is faced with her long-term boyfriend Chase and her long-time friend who was once lost but now found Kyle , if that wasn't already too much for Rain - Boston -one of Chase's teammates is stalking Rain and it seems that Kyle is being her dark knight in shining armour. Can Rain put all her feelings for Chase aside and realise that Kyle is in fact her one true love or will her knowledge of doing what's right and pleasing everyone stand in her way of true happiness ?
A fun novel that is one of those happy-go-lucky teen novels.


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