Monday, June 17, 2013

VBT# Lost and Found - Lori Otto

Are you a romantic at heart ? Do you love stories like Cecelia Ahern's Where Rainbows End ? If so , then you will enjoy Book #1 of Lori Otto's series Emi and Nate.


Review: Lost and Found - Book #1 Emi Lost and Found - Lori. L. Otto - March 2011
 Are you one for lost and found love ? Have you had a crush on someone for so long , that everytime you see them with somebody it hurts but you decide that you have to accept fate's path and that maybe the two of you weren't ever supposed to be anything more than friends? I know for myself that I love stories like this as I have been and sometimes even still feel like I am stuck in this situation as nine years ago in November this year, I met a guy and we dated for like four years and then we broke up and he did his thing and I went my own way but we have always stayed in contact and then he came back and we decided to give it a go. Though the thing is he isn't exactly the guy I first fell in love with, we have both changed. I wonder though if it is our destiny to be together as we keep getting put together in each others paths.  I think that's why I love reading stories like Lori Otto's Lost and Found as even though it is a book, it gives me a sense of hope that maybe the love isn't lost. In Lost and Found we meet Emi and Nate and we watch over the course of a year and a bit as they struggle to realise that it is each other that makes them complete and whole . When it seems that Nate may be tied down for good - with pregnancies and proposals will he realise that Emi is the one for him before it is too late ?
Lost and Found is an awesome book that all romantics should read.


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