Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: Damaged - Melody Carlson

Do you enjoy Melody Carlson's books ?
Are you loving her Secrets Series ?
Review: Damaged - Book #3 Secrets Series - Melody Carlson - September 2011

One of my favourite Christian Teen Writers happens to be Melody Carlson, I find all her books target those edgier issues that happens in teens lives, the issues  that many feel ashamed or are unable to write about them from human trafficking to drugs and teen pregnancies to rape. Damaged is Book #3 in her latest series "Secrets" and focuses on the issue first of a strict Christian household as her parents are now divorced and her mum is focused strongly on religion , so much that it can almost come upon brainwashed and too by the book. When Haley decides to go and live with her dad, she is happy to be free of the christian spouting and looking forward to freedom . When Haley arrives, she discovers that his dad has a new girlfriend called Estelle and has created a new life for himself, this new life gives Haley the freedom to make new friends etc. One of those new friends is popular guy Harris Stephens - Haley soon falls under his charm and starts to hook up with Harris , despite all the warnings that she receives from others. When Harris takes advantage of Haley one night when she is drunk , his true colours start to shine through. Will Haley be able to let those who care about her know the truth or will she become more damaged inside by letting the pain fester ?
Damaged is another amazing and heartfelt book by Melody Carlson and touches on the issues of Divorce, Betrayal and Rape.


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