Thursday, June 27, 2013

Book Blitz : The Moore Justice Trilogy - Kerri Williams Part #1

To Celebrate the awesome new cover for The Moore Justice Trilogy by Kerri Williams , we have a special guest post from the author herself as well as the awesome new cover :)

  Synopsis: The Moore Justice Trilogy - Kerri Williams - 2013

perfect masterpiece" Young Adult and Teen Readers

Hunger For Justice
Have you ever felt a hunger so intense it blinds you from everything else in your life?

This is a young woman’s struggle to face her day to day life alone after her father and brother were violently taken from her. For Claire Moore, her hunger for justice is her coping mechanism, her reason for getting out of bed each morning.
Other nineteen year olds are at parties and studying at University, living the fun naïve life of a teenager but in the world of Claire, there was nothing left for her other than the desperate hunger for justice.
Unfortunately it’s this hunger that’s driven everyone who cares for her away, unable to watch her place herself in danger any longer and that includes her teenage love.
But true love never really dies and after stumbling upon information to the identity of their murderers, together Talon and Claire are hunted until they can figure out the clues her father left for them.
Through her hunger for justice, Claire grows by relinquishing control of her fight and allowing others to love her, even though the fear of losing them was too excruciating bear.


Heart For Justice

A lot’s happened since Claire’s world turned upside down. No longer alone and now an enrolee in the NSW Police Academy, things are finally turning around. Claire hasn’t given up on her quest for justice; she’s allowing herself to share her life while perusing it. But when a call for help comes in from her friend Jess whose been attacked and isn’t the first victim, her plans are placed on hold. With her officer boyfriend, Talon by her side Claire’s set on a new quest to find out who the serial rapist of Lakes End is before he strikes again and Jess can finally feel safe. But what happens when Claire is forced to face some truths she had hidden long ago?

Can her heart let go of the need for vengeance to make room for love of her life.


Blood For Justice
Her future runs in the blood of others.

It’s a given that all families have skeletons in their closet but Claire didn’t think the old proverb held any relevance in her life, until the day she found out her mother hadn’t died in a car accident over sixteen years ago.
As if that wasn’t enough to wrap her head around she also discovers she has sixteen year old twin brothers and a six year old sister and suddenly becomes a twenty year old mother overnight.
Her life had been filled with the search for answers, but all that will have to wait when Claire and Talon are forced to deal with teachers, psychologists and community services on top of the day to day chores of parenthood.
Can Talon and Claire’s love survive the pressure of a ready-made, slightly dysfunctional family? Or will this finally be the thing that tears them apart.
And as always the lingering danger of the Volkovs, lurks ever close behind—waiting for a chance to strike. Will Claire risk her family’s lives over her quest for justice? Or will her greatest fight yet, be the one to keep her new family together?

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