Friday, June 28, 2013

Review: The Last Kiss Goodbye - Karen Robards

Today's review is a book that I am lucky have enough to have scored an ARC :) as I loved the first book in the series "The Last Victim".
Review: The Last Kiss Goodbye - Book #2 Dr Charlotte Stone Series - Karen Robards - August 2013
Dr Charlie Stone is back along with her ghost pal Michael. Fans of Darynda Jones's Charley Davidson series will love Karen Robards Dr. Charlotte Stone series as it features not only ghosts but also serial killers and murderers. In The Last Kiss Goodbye, Charlie is still recuperating from her escape of The Boardwalk Killer - the one that fifteen plus years ago killed her best friend Holly while Charlie was staying at her house. Now the FBI is back and this time wants Charlie's help in catching a serial killer known as The Gingerbread Man as his MO is leaving notes "Run as Fast as You Can , You Can't Catch Me". When one of his latest victims land on Charlie's doorstep, she can't help but get involved but what happens when the serial killer known as "The Gingerbread Man" happens to be someone closely connected to Charlie's past ? Will Charlie be able to separate her feelings from the case and what happens when Michael's ghost starts to be pulled towards the light or dark place ? Can Charlie part with his ghost or will she find a way for Michael to stay ?
Find out in the awesome sequel to The Last Victim and a series I hope that Karen Robards continues.

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