Charming : A Cinderella Story- Michaela Morgan

Review: Charming: A Cinderella Story - Michaela Morgan - October 2012

One of the things we are having to do at work recently is to read a Children's book once a month and this month I choose Charming : A Cinderella Story. I choose it as I love the tale of Cinderella and it seemed like a fun read. The story takes place in the UK where we meet Elsie Cool - she's our Cinderella , Charmaine Prince - Godmother , Kitty and the Airheads - Ugly Stepsisters and Guy - Prince Charming. At school, Elsie dreams of being one of the cool ones just like her surname suggests, but she's not and she is sick of being picked on by Kitty and her mean friends. She is a loner until new girl Charmaine starts and takes Elsie under her wing. She introduces Elsie to the world of fashion, self-confidence and dancing and shows Elsie how to be the inner goddess she is inside on the outside and how to stand up to the bullies and win her Prince Charming - Guy.
Charming by Michaela Morgan is a nice quick read and is created by Barrington Stoke who has written the book on a different sort of paper which is considered to be dyslexia friendly.


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