Review: Wedding Belles - Beth Albright


Today's book is Book #2 in The Sassy Belles series by Beth Albright.
Review: Wedding Belles - Book #2 Sassy Belles Series - Beth Albright - July 2013
The Sassy Belles are back and yes, readers I have found myself once again reading this series out of order by going Books #1 , 3 and then #2.  In Wedding Belles , we see it time for the tying the knot of Vivi and Lewis Heart - lovers for the past 13 years , these two have had a hold on each other and now with Vivi pregnant with Baby Heart -it's finally time to settle down and do things properly. Things are going to plan until Vivi makes a trip to the local psychic who tells her that she has to be wary of another woman who has her man's heart. Normally, you can just shrug off what psychics say - but this town's psychic seems to be always pretty bang on and as it turns out thirteen years ago at a frat party - at what seemed like a prank at the time happens to be real and Lewis married a girl.  To make matters worse, it seems the woman in question is back in town and she doesn't seem to give up what should as she quotes "be rightfully hers". Can Vivi keep a hold of her husband to be or will she have to play second fiddle to his "wife" ? Harry and Blake Heart are still for Harry's sake playing the happily married and supportive couple , though they have separated and Blake is seeing her high school sweetheart Sonny. How long can Harry and Blake keep up appearances especially with news reporter and Blake's arch-nemesis Dallas hanging around for a scoop ?
Like the first and last book, Wedding Belles is the perfect read for those who loved the TV Show Hart of Dixie with Zoe Hart and Lemon Breeland.  



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