Review: Seven Minutes in Heaven - Sara Shepard

One of my favourite series and I loved the TV Series to before they cancelled it was The Lying Game by Sara Shepard and today's review is the final book in The Lying Game Series "sob".
Review: Seven Minutes in Heaven - Book #6 The Lying Game Series - Sara Shepard - July 2013

One of my favourite all-time series is The Lying Game and I am sad to see it end as a part of me was hoping it would continue like her Pretty Little Liars series. In Book #6 Sutton's family have finally discovered that she has a twin named Emma, but what they don't realise is that Emma has been living under their roof for the past few months and that Sutton is in fact dead. It seems that the notes, just keep on coming and now Emma after reeling from the death of Nisha whom we discover knew too much, we wonder how long Emma can keep up the role of Sutton. What happens when the "body" is found in the canyon ? Will the family think that the body is in fact Emma's or will they discover it as Sutton's and Emma turn out to be the prime suspect ? Will the Mercer family welcome Emma with arms open wide or when they discover the truth - will she be kicked out onto the street ? Not to add spoilers, so I will finish here but OMFG - the biggest twist in The Lying Games books was who was the Blackmailer . WOW I did not see that coming and for those who have watched the TV Series and learnt that Thayer was the guy pulling the strings - it is not the case in the book series.
I am sad to see this series end but look forward to seeing what Sara brings in the future and at least I still have Pretty Little Liars and the upcoming Ravenswood to look forward too.



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