Review: Very Bad Things - Ilsa Madden-Mills


Review: Very Bad Things - Book #1 Briarcrest Academy - Ilsa Madden-Mills - September 2013

When I opened this book, I wasn't too sure what to expect and I was in for a ride as I had thought that it might be set in the schooling environment hence the series name , but it was more to do with the actual character herself. Nora Blakely has had the life everyone who is not wealthy could ever imagine, everything she ever wanted , riches, brains and fame. But the thing with wealth and having everything is that "there are no free lunches" which means that having everything at your fingertips has a cost and that cost can end up having the one thing that everyone craves missing - a parent's true love and acceptance. On the day of her speech to the freshman , something inside Nora snaps and she turns into the "Girls gone wild' type character and makes a list of everything that Bad girls supposedly do. This made me think of that theme song from the Vampire show True Blood - "I Want to do Bad things to you". Her second rebellious act leads her to spray-paint and a car, which leads to Leo and his brother Sebastian who are two of the main male characters in the book.  Sparks fly between Leo and Nora, but Leo is not only older than Nora but he believes that he isn't good for her as he has the damaged male character syndrome of not being capable of providing the love that he believes Nora needs. Of course we know where the story ends eventually with lots of twists and turns and arguments and make-ups. 
Very Bad Things by Ilsa Madden-Mills is one of the books that I believe definitely falls under the category of recognising not only what happens when Good Girls snap as it can happen but a prime example of "New Adult Angst".



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