Lilliana Anderson's Phoenix: The Beauty in Between Book Blast


Synopsis: Phoenix : Book #2.5 The Beauty In Between - Lilliana Anderson - September 2013

Please note - Phoenix is part of the Beauty in Between series. It is the companion book to A Beautiful Forever. While it can be read on its own, it would be better to read it after you have already read Forever.

After being unceremoniously kicked out of home at a young age, Paige is forced to fend for herself.

In a bid to survive, she does things that most people would never dream of, and stops caring about herself as a result.

When the fastest way to get food and shelter is to use her body, and the fastest way to forget is to self medicate, Paige embarks on a steady downward spiral. Until, finally she hits rock bottom…

In A Beautiful Forever we got to know Paige as she battled the demons of her past to move forward with her future and find her happy ever after. Now, in Phoenix, we get to see the moments those demons were created and how she managed to get her life back on track.

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