Wednesday, September 25, 2013

VBT# Wrecked - H.P Landry

Review: Wrecked -Book #1 - Pointe Hope Series - H.P Landry - August 2013

WOW, What an amazing read from the very first chapter I was engrossed . Wrecked had me hooked and for the first chapter it had me not completely Wrecked as to say but I was like NOOOOOOO !! Then onto the next Chapter and I was like what is this author doing to me haha and poor Mylie. Wrecked introduces us to the characters of Mylie and Nikolas who when they were young suffered a major tragedy. Now years later, it's just the two of them. One morning Mylie decides to go out running when she is stumbled upon by a nasty fellow, luckily she is saved by a guy who will later become known throughout the novel as "The Asshole" aka Professor Damian James. These two have that angry love/hate tension and we see as the novel progresses their up and down love/hate go on . This tension pushes Mylie into the arms of another guy Xavier Bane . She sees him as her destiny as he has the same name as her father. So begins for Mylie , a tumultuous relationship and a triangle of affections between Damian and Xavier. It seems though as the book goes along, someone is out to get Mylie and doesn't want her surviving and lucky for Mylie she has a guardian angel. Readers , this is one book that you will not be able to put down as you will not only want to see how the story pans out with the relationships but also to see whether Mylie survives to the very end. For those reading Wrecked, you may find yourself in spots a tad confuffled but keep reading as it will make all the sense in the world once you have finished and also if you don't finish the book, you will regret it as when I finished I was like "A-HA" and am glad I finished it as now I can't wait to read more of the series to come and get to know the characters through and through as I loved all their quirks and thought that each one was represented so well in the book.
So readers, just to add a lil' extra , not only is the writer an amazing well --- writer of Wrecked, she also designed the cover through her company Bookfabulous Designs. 



Can you share your idea of the perfect soundtrack to “Wrecked’ with us?

I was Broken- Marcus Foster
Love Will Take you- Angus & Julia Stone
Dark Paradise- Lana Del Rey
Turning Tables- Adele
Cosmic Love- Florence and the Machine
Alone Again- Alyssa Reid
You and Me- Lifehouse
Make you feel my love- Adele
Safe & Sound- Taylor Swift
Don’t want you back… (Eamon)
Too Close- Alex Clare
Stop and Stare- One republic
I never said I love you- Michael Schulte
When you say nothing at all- Ronan Keating
Don’t you remember- Adele
Every rose has a thorn- Poison

If ‘Wrecked’ was made into a movie and you could cast anyone you wanted, who would you choose? 

Damien James- Stephen Amell
Mylie Mier- Emilia Clarke
Malory Westerling- Phoebe Tonkin
Diana Montgomery- Lucy Hale
Rhonda Deveaux- Scarlett Johanssen

Can you share the playlist you listened to while writing ‘Wrecked’ with us?

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