VBT# Undeclared - Jen Frederick


Today's VBT# stop is Book #1 in Jen Frederick's series "Woodlands".
Review: Undeclared - Book #1 Woodlands Series - Jen Frederick - April 2013

Have you ever fell head over heels for someone you haven't officially met ? Felt like you could tell them anything and everything would be alright as they understood you ? As part of a high school project, Grace had to do the penpal thing with one of the Marines - her chosen Marine was Noah Jackson. Over the next four years, the two bonded over the written word and care packages that Grace would send Noah. Then the letters stopped one day out of the blue, it ripped Grace apart as she had built up this wonderful image of Noah and to her their friendship ran deep. Fast forward two or so years later and Grace is in College with an Undeclared Major and a heart that still aches for Noah - a guy she has never actually met still. Turns out that Noah is out of the Marines and lo and behold, he has enrolled in the same college as Grace with the hope of finally being with her as though he lost contact, he has never stopped thinking about her. 
Can Grace re-open her heart to the one man whom though she had never physically met, he had caused her such a pain that no-one else ever has ? Can Noah, woo Grace and show her just how sorry and how much he cares for her ?
Undeclared by Jen Frederick which is the first in the Woodlands Series, had a Dear John mixed with The Lucky One - both by Nicholas Sparks feel to the book and I look forward to reading Book #2 Unspoken.



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