Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review: Summer in Napa - Marina Adair

Review: Summer In Napa - Book #2 A St. Helena Vineyard Novel - Marina Adair - May 2013

Lexi has lost everything she has ever worked for and all in the name of love and divorce. As fifteen years ago , Lexi married Jeff -though she had always held a soft spot for playboy Marc DeLuca - the timing just never seemed right until fifteen years later when Lexi discovered Jeff in bed with another woman. Fleeing home , Lexi hopes to start her own little cafe business but things start to go terribly wrong when she is served court papers and Jeff is suing her by saying that her family recipes belong to the restaurant that they owned as a couple. If trouble in paradise and trying to move on with her life wasn't hard enough, try adding the fact that her grandmother and her grandmother's best friend ChiChi have set her up a dating profile and a blog and are setting her up with a mountain load of blind dates. What will happen though, when the situation arises and Marc and Lexi decide to come up with the solution of Marc being Lexi's fake boyfriend. Little does the other one realise, that each has strong feelings for the other.  As we all know what formula romances follow we read as the sparks start to fly between Marc and Lexi and just when things are about to heat up and go "POP" along comes Jeff - Marc's best friend and Lexi's ex-husband with the reason why he needed those recipes that have been in her family for centuries and worst thing is that Lexi discovers that Marc is involved somehow.  Breaking her heart all over again, will Lexi be able to forgive Marc and find a second chance at love or will it be a matter of duped twice and left to wallow in spinsterhood for the rest of her life?
 Find out in Book #1 of A. St Helena Vineyard Series and find out just what "A Summer in Napa" can do to one another.


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