VBT# A Perfect Mess - Zoe Dawson


Review: A Perfect Mess - Book #1 A Perfect Secret Series - Zoe Dawson - August 2013

Nine months ago , Aubree was living life as a high school valedictorian and everything was going well until an incident caused her to up and leave everyone she had cared for since she was 12 years old when she went to live with her Aunt Lottie after her mother died. For the past nine months, Aubree has been studying Statistics as a major and chucking herself into work as when it comes to Statistics and Math - you have to be perfect , and there's no room to mess up. Trying to forget the past is easier said than done though as when she gets a call from the local Sheriff that her Aunt has had an accident - Aubree must go back home and force herself to confront the demons and dark secrets of her past.  Not only did she leave her Aunt behind, she left Booker Outlaw - the only guy who knew the real "Aubree Walker" and who was with her that fateful night nine months ago.  Now someone out there knows what happened nine months ago and want Aubree and Booker to pay especially Aubree and will go at any length to uncover the truth about what happened. 
A Perfect Mess is a cross between a Nicholas Sparks Romance meets Horror Movie "I Know What you Did last Summer".



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