Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review: Wild Cards - Simone Elkeles

Review: Wild Cards - Book #1 Wild Cards -Simone Elkeles-  October 2013 

Derek has pushed too far this time and has found himself expelled from his boarding school and now to make matters worst as his father is underwater for the next five months, he has to move to Chicago with his stepmother and her son Julian.  Meanwhile , Ashtyn's life has been crazy as she has just made the Varsity team football as Captain - a spot most coveted. However in doing so, this has made her love life go down the toilet as her QB boyfriend Landon is severely jealous of her. Now to complicate things, Ashtyn's big sister Brandie has arrived home with her son Julian and stepson Derek in tow. The two at first don't hit it off and then we start to realise that of course, this is a cover-up reaction as they really do like it each other. What happens next is a lot of tension between Derek and Ashtyn as we soon discover that dysfunctional families are not the only thing they have in common. Can the pair afford to take a risk and try their wild cards on each other or is this a doomed relationship from the very start ?
Wild Cards is one of those romance novels that if you love Football , then you will enjoy this. Think Friday Night Lights (TV Show) and you have Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles.


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