Monday, September 23, 2013

VBT# Finders Keepers - Nicole Williams


Review: Finders Keepers - Book #3 Lost and Found Series - Nicole Williams - September 2013

Love can be a funny thing, most people either lap it up all they can , settle for what they can get or avoid it all together. 
Finders Keepers is the third book in Nicole Williams Series "Lost and Found" and as the series explains what is Lost can be found. Mutual friends and enemies so frenemies Garth Black and Josie. At the beginning of the book we can see the tension between Garth and Josie and know that there is something there but Garth - the tortured and damaged soul he is won't let her near him. Garth which actually reminded me of a close friend of mine has vowed due to his upbringing that he will never ever ever fall in love, as the emotions and feelings that love brings up in a person he's not sure he can cope with it and be the type of guy who can settle and love one woman forever. However , there is one woman that maybe able to change Garth's view on love but only if he will let her in otherwise he will like he has done plenty of times before end up pushing the ones he cares about further away till there's nothing left but a faded memory. Can Josie prove to Garth , that even the damaged and the far-gones can have the happily ever after as well or will his pushing away be too much for her to cope and end up breaking her down ?
Finders Keepers is a contemporary romance New Adult that shows us that even those who are Damaged and far-gone can deserve their chance at true love and happiness as well, just like those who are "viewed" as normal.


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