Guest Review: Close to the Wind - Zana Bell

Close to the Wind

Review: Close to the Wind - Zana Bell - August 2013

Georgiana da Silva secretly performed as an actor(not actress), living under the care of her aunt in a Victorian mansions,after both her parents died and her brother gone to New Zealand to strike his fortune on the gold fields. She was engaged to be married to her cousin, but discovered a shocking secret urging her to join a ship to New Zealand, disguised as a young boy. She had to safe her brother's life.

Captain Harry had a secret of his own and a reason to flee England in a hurry. He did not have time to properly get to know the young boy begging him for a job on his ship, working for his passage. The year is August 1868.

With her skills as actress, as well as a trained circus acrobat, and now known as George Miller, Georgia knew how to stay safe under disguise. It worked for a while. But, as someone predicted, she would become a young woman born to be a trial and a tribulation, a companion and a joy, and she had no intention of proving the prediction wrong. In fact, they all got more than they would bargain for.

The voyage promised to be the usual long one around Africa, the dangers big, the adventures guaranteed. And there were plenty of them! Alas, they both would reach New Zealand, but not exactly as they planned, and not finding what they were after, as well as anticipated, when arriving. They would have to make difficult choices.


A great relaxing historical romance, filled with adventure, constant excitement and intrigue. Well-plotted and executed. Yes, this book is a chic-lit thrill that won't disappoint! 



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