Monday, September 30, 2013

VBT# Lennon's Rain - Chris Myers



Review: Lennon's Rain - Book #2 Lennon's Girls - Chris Myers - September 2013

Life can't be anymore perfect for Lennon as he has the best girlfriend Jinx , he's moving on up in the world and he has a band. However, all this can come crashing down at the speed of light and in Lennon's case - one night. The night he decided to attend a sorority party without his girlfriend who attended another event. At this party, Lennon runs into Rain - the girl who broke his heart eight years ago , the one he has never gotten over , the one he thought he would marry. If only he was single, then this would have been a perfect moment but he's not. To top it off , Lennon and his girlfriend Jinx have gotten to a comfortable point and Jinx has started to open up. We learn in Lennon's Rain that alot of tragedies have come to the three characters Jinx, Lennon and Rain. Tragedies that will in the end define them as the person and how they react today. Will Lennon realise soon enough which girl is the right one for him as sometimes in love as the tagline goes - you can end up choosing the wrong girl ? Lennon's Rain contains alot of twists and turns and it is a long book with the chapters every now and again being split by Lyrics written by Lennon about Rain and Jinx. 
Who will Lennon's heart choose and will it be the right or wrong girl for him as when it comes to the crunch - there's always a 50/50 chance that you picked the wrong girl in the art of love triangles .
Lennon's Rain is a mixture of Rock N Roll Romances with a dash of Nicholas Sparks type Contemporary Romance chucked in the mix.



  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my book.

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