Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review: The Never List - Koethi Zan

Review: The Never List - Koethi Zan - July 2013

From the front cover, the blurb to the black rimmed pages. This book looked creepy and so good, that I couldn't wait to get stuck into it and OMG it was awesomenest and so did not see the ending coming , the way it played out - it was like WOW.
The story starts with two best friends and college students Sarah and Jennifer - whom when they were younger were in a car accident and then as they got older, they created a set of rules in order to survive. This was called "The Never List" it worked until one night, the girls decided to hit a college party and in doing so broke one of their rules. This led to the girls being abducted and held captive with three other girls. The torment lasted a few years, but that night four girls were together but at the end only three would leave. 
Years later, the captor is up for parole and is about to get married and the remaining survivors are still getting cryptic letters from Jack - the captor.  Sarah has always wondered what happened to her best friend Jennifer - the one who didn't leave. She hopes by getting to the truth about Jack and what happened that night, she may have the answers to where Jennifer's body is.  Read as the remaining three survivors Tracey, Sarah and Christina go delving back into the past - reliving their darkest moments to find out why they were picked, how they survived and what really happened to the fourth person.
The Never List is an amazing read and shows us that sometimes knowing the truth isn't the greatest thing and that having the truth revealed can hurt more and that things that you may not want uncovered , may very well be.



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