Tuesday, September 17, 2013

VBT# A Little Too Far - Lisa Desrochers

Today's VBT# stop is Book#1 in Lisa Desrochers (famous for her Personal Demons Series) try at something new - A new adult series "A Little Too Far".
Review: A Little too far - Book#1 A Little Too Far Series - Lisa Desrochers - September 2013

As a fan of Lisa's Personal Demons series and the fact that I love New Adult Books, I was excited when I learned that she was releasing a new series and that it would be a New Adult Series. 
A Little Too Far was a series, that had lots of intensity and up and down moments as we start to wonder where the main lead Lexie's head is at . As at the beginning she breaks up with her long-time boyfriend Rick whom they had been discussing a future with and then she goes and kisses and eventually sleeps with her older step-brother Trent and then a day later she leaves the country and heads to Rome for the opportunity of a life-time learning Art History in the place it all started. Being in Rome and feeling off-kilter , Lexie heads to a Catholic church and confesses her sins. The Father there tells her that he has a job in mind with Reverend Alessandro teaching youngsters about Art and it's history- the perfect job for her. All goes well until her feelings are torn as Alessandro is lovely and hot but also studying as a priest - so she can't be attracted to him and of course Trent still has a spot in her heart. Weeks and months pass and Lexie heads home for a holiday,all rearing to tell Trent how she feels only to discover that he is dating her best friend Sam. Heading back, she decides that she too needs to move on with her life and of course Alessandro is there - what happens though when Alessandro's feelings for Lexie compromise his priesthood ? Can she return his love back to him or will the thought of Trent always be hanging over her ? When Lexie gets the courage up to tell Trent - will he feel the same or has he truly moved on with Sam ?
I loved this book and now can't wait to read Book #2 of the series.


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