Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: Earthbound - Aprilynne Pike

Review: Earthbound - Book #1 Earthbound Series - Aprilynne Pike - July 2013

Tragedy tends to only come around once for a normal person , but for Tavia Michaels she has experienced it in the most extreme way as she was a victim of a plane crash which killed 256 passengers and left one alive - herself. Now living with her aunt and uncle, she has been in therapy the past few months and life is starting to get back on track with her until she spots a mysterious boy - he turns out to be Quinn Avery. She is sure she has seen him before but cannot place where , soon the novel starts to get a bit weird and crazy as Tavia is about to discover her whole life as she knows it is a lie and that she is in fact an Earthbound Goddess and has been around for centuries and Quinn is her lover - her male counterpart. We soon learn that everytime the two get close enough to falling back in love, an organisation sets off to kill one or both of them and then they are reincarnated once again in a different body and given the life task of finding their soul mate. Can Tavia survive to discover the truth and what happens when the guy she thought she loved, her best friend turns out to be one of the enemies ?
Find out in Aprilynne Pike's new series "Earthbound". Great for readers of Fallen Series by Lauren Kate and The Eternal Ones by Kristen Miller.


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