Monday, September 30, 2013

Guest Review: Rebecca's Rising (Salem VI) by Jack Heath, John Thompson‏

Review: Rebecca's Rising (Salem VI) - Jack Heath and John Thompson - September 2012

The Salem News editor, John Andrews, is mourning the death if his wife, four years earlier, and lives in the house inherited from his aunt. Along with the house he also inherited a valuable painting that has been the property of his family for several generations. He had to make a promise never to sell it and always keep it hanging in the exact spot. The old woman in it always made him feel uncomfortable, until one day when he discovered something different about her.

The book is well-written, suspenseful and intriguing, casting a new light on the Salem Witch Trials. It is very similar to the Da Vinci Code, which questioned history as we know it. This book also ask the question 'what if?' and present a new theory to the circumstances which lead to the death of the so-called witches. Were they really witches? His own believes would be severely tested. The deeper he gets lured into the events as well as into his family research, the more shocked he becomes as facts from his family's past are revealed.

This is history with a supernatural twist. It will depend on what you believe is true and what in this world is possible. A relaxing, adventurous mystery. 

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