Saturday, June 11, 2016

Review: Back to Back - Chelsea M. Cameron

Back to Back (Behind Your Back, #2)

Review: Back to Back - Book #2 Behind Your Back Series - Chelsea M.Cameron - June 2015

When you are a big bookworm like myself, you often have so many different books on your e-reader and some of them sit there for months even years till you decide one day on a spur to read it . For me , Back to Back was one of those books as I read the first one June last year and then when and brought book #2 and I had all the intentions in the world to read it then, but life never works out how you want to and definitely books fall into that category too.  In the first book we met Sylas aka Quinn and Saige. We read as they were conning each other and then eventually fell in love. The thing was that Sylas didn't realise that she too was conning him. In Book #2 we start with the kidnapping of Sylas and the whole plan that Saige had been working on is revealed and it goes deeper than what we could imagine as turns out that Saige and Sylas's families are intertwined and connected.  For Saige, she has known for a while but for Sylas - this is definitely a lot to take in . We then see the book shift from these two loving each other , to hating one another and then begins this game of romance cat and mouse between Sylas and Saige. Whereas the first book featured alot of Sylas's crew - book #2 tends to focus more on the relationship side of Sylas and Saige - though we do catch glimpses of Sylas's crew throughout the story.  I have to admit, I personally found this book a bit lacking and a little bit of a letdown compared to Book #1 as though it answered questions from Saige's side of things, it still left Sylas's side of the story unanswered and why he was targeting Saige's dad in the first place. In a way, reading this book was like a POV novel but with the next chapter of the story in mind.

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