Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Review: Appealed - Emma Chase

Appealed (The Legal Briefs, #3)

Review: Appealed - Book #3 Legal Briefs Series - Emma Chase - January 2016

As readers will know, I am one of those people who have a knack and trust me it's never deliberate with reading books out of series and the Legal Briefs series by Emma Chase is one of those series. I have previously read Book #2 and #3.5 which told mainly the story of Jake and Chelsea Becker-McQuaid and of course in Book #3.5 in the epilogue it mentioned the children of the main characters - the next generation which I am still holding out that Emma will write a series about them. In Book #3 Appealed, we have the final bachelor of the friends Brent Mason. Despite his losing of his leg when he was young, he has never let that stand in the way of having an awesome fun-filled life. He is your ultimate bachelor, but if he is completely honest there has always only been one girl that would ever change his mind about settling down and having a family and that is Kennedy Randolph. Kennedy was Brent's childhood friend and first kiss. She is back on the opposite side of the law than Brent, and he is about to meet his match in the courtroom with an upcoming case. Compared to Sustained and Side-Barred, I have to admit that this wasn't a favourite in the series and just read like your usual friends to enemies and then enemies to lovers type new adult romance with a hint of the law system. Appealed is one of those books that are more about a relationship building and budding romance blossoming than anything else. If you want a sweet romance with sex and the odd legal jargon and scenario, then Appealed by Emma Chase is the read for you. I have left Overruled till last as I have it sitting on my bookshelf as a friend wasn't keen on that particular one - so readers stay tuned for my review of Overruled.


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