VBT# - Shadow of a Girl - Shannon Greenland

A favorite author of mine is Shannon Greenland. I first discovered her by reading her series The Spy Specialists and then went on to reading her books under the name S.E Green. The ones published under S.E Green were a bit darker than her The Spy Specialists, and so when I saw this one under her full name, I was expecting something around the same level of her YA series. What I got though was something more intense and thrilling, and after reading her later books, it seems that she is moving more into the suspense/ thriller area. Shadow of a Girl isn't your usual rock star romance. It is something darker. In Shadow of a Girl, we meet Sarah who has run away from someone known as Gideon. In the beginning, we have an idea that it could be a cult. Sarah escapes with the help of her best friend and becomes Eve - A Roadie. Eve gets a great opportunity touring with Indiefest where she meets the lead singer of a band called Bus Stop - West. The two share some great chemistry, but of course, Eve has lied about a few things including her age and who she is. What will happen when the life she is running from catches up with her, and she is faced with the daunting reality that she may have to return to it? Lately, I have read a few books that have shown readers that you can't judge on outside appearances as really anybody knows what goes on behind closed doors. Another thing that I have read about lately which hits close to home is the idea of a perfect father, someone who has a high standing in a church and preaches Christian morals/values but it is all a facade as they are abusive to the ones closest to them. Shadow of a Girl does touch briefly on that issue which makes this one more of a New Adult read rather than Teen Fiction. If you want an Edgy NA read that is borderline YA, then check out Shadow of a Girl by Shannon Greenland as you will not be disappointed with the fast-paced and edge of your seat storyline.


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