Review: A Veil of Vines - Tillie Cole

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A Veil of Vines

Review: A Veil of Vines - Tillie Cole - November 2016

Even though in today's society, a lot of the royal titles have been disestablished there are those in that circle - the upper class who still respect that royalty must marry royalty and that there is a high standard for breeding. One with a title before their name must never marry a commoner or someone beneath them. The royal world is also still the world where often arranged marriages are organized to preserve bloodlines and businesses working well together. Caresa Arcadia is a Duchess, and when she was little she imagined marrying a prince she loved, instead she is being told to marry Prince Zeno. Their families are in the wine business together, and now with Zeno's father passing, he has to stand up to the mark which includes putting aside his playboy ways, marrying the Duchess and taking over the wine business. The thing is that he doesn't love Caresa or the behind the scenes of the wine business. During their betrothal , Caresa stays at the families country villa while Zeno resides in the city, it is on the farm that Caresa meets Achilles - the winemaker. During the book, we discover that it should be these two marrying as they are split-mates, not Zeno and Caresa. I do have to admit that A Veil of Vines was predictable in the way it was going to end as I had guessed Achilles secret past about 3/4 the way through the novel, but it wasn't officially revealed until the last couple of chapters. A Veil of Vines was a good royal romance and one that shows readers that love can surprise and that even if you are not looking for it - it can show up in the most unexpected ways and more often than not if it is meant to be it will work in your favor.


  1. If you love fairy tales, sweet romances, sexy men and strong women I seriously recommend you read A Veil of Vines. It’s a tale I won’t forget and will read again and again.

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