Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Review: Paid For - Alexa Riley

Paid For

Review: Paid For - Alexa Riley - November 2016

First off, I am not ashamed at what I read and what I love as I know when it comes to Alexa Riley's books. I will be in for Smut, Sex and the occasional OTT moments. It will be a pure smutty book and every time I read one I have to say I love it. I enjoyed Paid For as we meet Kennedy Myers who is desperate for a job as she is near eviction from her apartment, her bills are piling up, and the one person she loves most in the world is currently sitting in a senior citizens' home with dementia. Her goal is to make sure he is cared for as well as survive and will do anything to make sure she gets the job. Even if it means embellishing a bit on her CV. Mason Foster has had his fair share of assistants as he seems to be going through them like a house on fire and no-one seems to be sticking. There is something about Kennedy he likes, and he hires her when his partner and best friend makes an off-comment that he added "must be able to help with other needs," Mason assumes Kennedy is an escort. The thing is, of course, she's far from an escort, in fact, she still has her membership to the V-club.  Paid For has everything from sex and smut to a sweet underlining love affair blooming between Mason and Kennedy, which is what I am a sucker for and made me love this book even more. Give me a fairytale romance any day, and I will lap it up. The only thing that I didn't like about this book and it's a superficial reason is the book cover. I know again it's an Alexa Riley book, so we expect these type of covers, but it doesn't do anything for me. Overall, however, if you want True Love and Sex then check out Paid For by Alexa Riley today.

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