Review: Wanting My Stepsister - Alexa Riley

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Wanting My Stepsister

Review: Wanting my Stepsister - Alexa Riley - November 2016

One thing about Alexa Riley is that despite most of her books having either a suggestive cover or title, she has two categories that her books can fall in. She either has the overly sexual books like her Trailer Park Virgin which was pure smut or books like Paid For which still had sexual content but a bit more romantic gestures are happening, and it had a softer tone to the level of sex.  I had assumed that Wanting my Stepsister would be more Trailer Park than Paid For, but I got a surprise when I read this book as it was far tamer than I had assumed. This book introduces us to Libby Moore who has just finished high school and is trying to decide what to do next; we also learn that ever since she started to notice boys she has only ever loved one guy - her stepbrother Jasper. He arrives back for a few days, and it turns out he feels the same about her, and so of course, you can guess what happens - they get it on secretly as they don't want their parents knowing. This I thought was pointless as the parents will find out eventually and guess what - the parents were onto it and wanted them together and there was no judgment. This was not your usual OMG I'm having sex with my stepsister, and it's so Taboo book, but more of an Alicia Silverstone/Paul Rudd romance in the movie Clueless.
Wanting my Stepsister is one of those books that I think readers will only read and enjoy if you are an Alexa Riley fan and wanting to make sure you read all her titles -like myself as I make my way through her books.



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