VBT# Kiss the Boys - Chris Myers

In the world of books often we go from the cover or blurb, we don't know what we are going to get. We don't know whether the book will be up to our alley if it will hold our attention, blow our socks off or whether it will be just ok. For me, I am often attracted by the covers - so I love the guy on the cover of Kiss the Boys. The other thing is I had previously read one of Chris Myers's books and enjoyed it. Kiss the Boys, however, was one of those books which I struggled with as the plot was too busy for me and I felt that it didn't have a strong plot and guidance system. At the beginning we meet brothers Noah and Nate - we learn a little about them that Noah is the responsible one, the nice brother and is a champion basketball player. Nate, on the other hand, is messed up, he is our SNAG guy, the misunderstood artist who likes to play with feelings and emotions, the guy whom girls will always fall for, but he just uses them till he is done and then chucks them back out into the world.  One day, the guys meet River - who has run away from an abusive home and finds herself sitting outside their house. Both guys are attracted and find themselves wanting River in different ways and measures. River is introduced to the boy's mothers, and she gets a job working as a companion/nurse for Noah and Nate's other brother Jake.  Jake was wounded in an accident during his time as a soldier in Afghanistan. Each boy has a troubled background, and it seems that River has wormed her way into all three of their lives but which one will River choose? Can she balance her personal life with her professional life as she holds the power in her hands to break or mend the boys family? Will she being there, push the boys apart further or have the opposite effect and bring them closer together?
Find out in Chris Myers/Diana Downey's Book #2 in the Lost Girls Series "Kiss the Boys."



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