Review: Sweet - Erin McCarthy

Sweet (True Believers, #2)

Review: Sweet - Book #2 True Believers Series - Erin McCarthy - October 2013

Again, another series that I have read out of order but lucky for me, series like these tend to be stand-alone novels, so it doesn't matter what order you read them. Reading Sweet by Erin McCarthy, in a way, I was able to connect on a personal level with the main character Jessica Sweet about some things, others not so much. Jessica Sweet grew up in a home of a strict religious family where her Dad is a Preacher and has got a plan for her. To go to University and study Religious studies and then return home and marry a good Christian male from their church and become a Church-wife. However Jessica doesn't want that life and so this upcoming Summer, she tells a little white lie to her family and goes to crash at her best friend's boyfriend Tyler's house as his family is away for the Summer vacation. The thing is though that not all the family is away, Riley Mann will be home, and Jessica and Riley tend to clash in personalities. As the book goes along, though, we discover the different lives that both have grown up with and that often what may seem nicer on the other side isn't as it comes with higher expectations and standards. Reading Sweet, it did reiterate that often everything comes with a price and doesn't have to be monetary as well. Each action can take a little of our personality /soul with it.  I do have to add in this review that not all religious families are like the one portrayed in this book, religious families will not always disown their children if they go against the parent's beliefs. More often they may be disappointed as I have heard that a few times, but they won't outright disown you. Also happening in Sweet besides the romance storyline of Riley and Jess is that we read in anticipation on whether Riley’s awarded full custody of his younger brother Easton. Overall, Sweet though not my favorite book in this series was another good contemporary New Adult Romance/Family Saga read, and I am looking forward to reading the final book in this series "Shatter."



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