Sunday, November 13, 2016

VBT# Tru Blue - Melissa Foster

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Tru Blue

Review: Tru Blue - Melissa Foster - November 2016This is one book that I had been waiting for, with anticipation and excitement, and I have to say it lived up to my standards as it was amazing. Everything about the book despite the families upbringings just wanted me to squee with happiness. The book starts with Truman coming out of jail now that he has finished his six-year sentence. His first stop is to see his brother Quincy, and he discovers that his mother has died of an overdose, his brother is highly drugged up and he has two new siblings - Kennedy who is 3-4 years old and Lincoln who is about six months old. Knowing that he's not supposed to have them, Tru enlists the help of his buddies Bear, etc. at the Auto Body shop where he works. These guys are his family and have each other's backs. He can't report them as if that happens then he will lose them and they will go into the CYFS /Foster Care system. During one of his first shopping expeditions, he runs into Gemma. She is the opposite of Truman in every aspect, the thing though that gets Gemma the most is that she yearns for children and has been delivered a diagnosis that she can never have kids of her own. One of my favorite parts of this book is that it shows readers, that even under gruff exteriors there are nice guys and ones that would do absolutely anything to protect the ones they love and in Truman's case - even go to prison. Near the end of this book, there were a few gasping and holding your breath moments as you hoped that nothing was going to happen to Truman and the children. Things however always looked up, and one thing that Tru Blue teaches readers is that Love prevails all and sometimes whether you know it or not - a love for a sibling can be one of the strongest that there is. Tru Blue was an amazing read and one that I am adding to my 2016 Top Read list and a book every bookworm should read as it will stay with you even months later.


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