VBT# A Promise Made - Anissa Garcia

Are you into Hollywood romances? Love those stories of enemies to lovers? A Promise Made by Anissa Garcia was one of those new adult romances as we meet Grace and Evan who are best friends with the main characters Marla and Josh. Josh and Marla are two people who love to hate one another. They are the type of couple we’re  often used to reading about. They are the type of couple that when you get right down to the nitty-gritty, you discover that they do love one another and you sit there thinking - HELLO CLUELESS, how did you not figure out already that you are meant to be.  If you want just a plain simple romance with the main storyline being the development of a relationship, then A Promise Made by Anissa Garcia is the book for you as it didn't have much other substance to the book. On a personal level, I didn't gel with the story as it was too slow for me and I found the whole thing just blaise and not a lot of pumping action or emotions for me. A Promise Made is definitely what I would call a Sweet Vanilla read; it was very light in all aspects compared to my usual reads. A Promise Made by Anissa Garcia explores the baggage that Marla and Josh bring into the relationship and how they choose to work through it and how that baggage can either tear a couple apart or bring them closer. Overall, readers if you want a book that you don't have to think about anything - you know like that kind of movies you watch just to blob - the ones where your brain doesn't have to think then read A Promise Made as it honestly is the same thing but in book format. This truly is a Sweet Vanilla read and what I would consider a clean read as well.



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