Review: Tempting Eden - Celia Aaron

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Tempting Eden

Review: Tempting Eden - Celia Aaron - September 2016

Tempting Eden by Celia Aaron captured my attention for a couple of reasons. Reason #1 - was that it was written by one of my automatic must-read authors. Reason #2 - The fact that it was a classic rendition type story, as I love all those modern-day renditions of original books and lastly - Reason #3. Tempting Eden is loosely based on Jane Eyre which happens to be one of my all-time favorites in my Classics list. In this book, we have a gender-reversal as our Rochester is Ms. Eden Rochester and our Eyre is Jack England. The another thing that I quite enjoyed was that this book had a mixed race as Eden was white and upper-class and Jack was mixed-race with a white mother/black father and grew up in the foster system. Eden works as a top real estate agent and seems to go through her fair share of assistants as none seem to last more than a month. Jack has been hired as her new assistant, and it seems that there is also some sparkling chemistry between them. During Tempting Eden, we get to learn about Jack's upbringing and what's important to him and we discover that Eden has a daughter and her family life isn't all it is cracked up to be and that often what you see on the outside is different than what goes on behind closed doors. I loved Tempting Eden and one of my favorite parts besides the romance between Eden and Jack and the relationship that Jack had with Eden's daughter Adele, was the reunion between Eden's mother and Jack's caregiver. I was very happy when I read the ending and discovered that everything had finally turned out the way it should have way back in the beginning.  If you love Jane Eyre and wanting a modern rendition with a different twist, then check out Tempting Eden by Celia Aaron as you will not be disappointed.



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