Review: The Long Game - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

At the end of Book #1, Tess Kendrick discovered a whole lot of secrets about who she was, including one major one that her sister Ivy was, in fact, her mother and the people she grew up, were with, were, in fact, her great-grandparents. Her whole life has been a lie and then turns out as her mother is known as The Fixer, her grandfather William Keyes is known as The Kingmaker and is one of the most powerful people around. You do not mess with the Keyes family unless you wish to suffer the consequences. In The Long Game, Tess is just getting used to being back in the "real world" after being kidnapped and things going haywire. At her High School Hardwicke Prep, they take things very seriously like Elections and three candidates are up for Student Body President. What will happen though when one of them turns up dead, and Tess was the last person to see him before he died? If that wasn't bad enough, her best friend is the murder suspect, and now Tess can't go to Ivy about it as she has too much on her plate with the President's son being possibly involved in a terrorist attack.  Is Tess following in her mother's footsteps to become the next Fixer or will she discover that she is in fact in training to become the Queen on the chess board? If you are on the lookout for a good teen action/adventure series with a strong female character and a hint of spies in today's society, then check out Book #2 in The Fixer series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes - The Long Game.


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