VBT# Cursing Fate - Brenda Drake

 You know how some series you don't have to read the first book, but often it does help - The Fated series is one of those series. I haven't read the first book, but after the first couple of chapters of Cursing Fate, I was able to understand the backstory of the characters. Cursing Fate is the story of Iris and her ex-best friend and ex-boyfriend Wade and how like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, their life got flipped upside down. Iris comes from a family of tarot card readers and supernaturals; they also happen to be cursed. Their curse causes fates to change and can dish out curses to others by a touch of a powerful tarot card set held by a fate changer. Iris's older sister Astor is a fate changer, and when she messes around with the cards, it changed not only Iris but also her twin sister's fates, and their lives were displaced. Now Iris and her sister are trying to rebuild their lives when Iris finds a set of Tarot cards when cleaning, she is drawn and touches them which causes her to become by a tarot card/ psychic witch Crina. Crina was the one who placed the curse originally on the Van Buren family, which Astor's boyfriend Reese belongs too. Can Iris's sisters Violet and Daisy who has inherited the same gift as Astor save Iris before it's too late and Crina has killed her body? Cursing Fate was a good teen paranormal, and if you love curses and myths/legends as well as the new age side of things, then you will enjoy Brenda Drake's Fated Series.


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