VBT# Primary Season - Sara Celi

With Election year being popular especially in the race for President between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, the election has been peaking everyone's interests, and there has been a sudden height of Election/Political fiction. I love reading Political Romances and so when I saw that there was a new one out called Primary Season. I was like I have to read it and though it was not too bad of a read, I was a little disappointed. In Primary Season we meet Patrick Blanco who is running for Office, and this book set on his campaign trail.  The book starts at a fundraiser event where Patrick reveals to one of his main communication advisors that his relationship is fake and strictly a business arrangement and he has feelings for her.  Alexandra Jones has worked hard to get where she is and doesn't want to stuff things up, and it doesn't make her job any easier as she develops personal feelings for Patrick. Even worst, he feels the same. During the rest of the book, they have an affair until some scandals hit and soon everyone must get down to business as we learn in the game called Politics it is every man or woman for themselves.It is a dirty sport. Then after the scandals sort of start to get intriguing the book finishes and if you are like me, you will set wondering where the rest of it was and why it just finished. One scandal, in particular, I was screaming - Why, did you finish - I want to find out what happened. Readers, beware Primary Season is a short novella read and does finish quite abruptly. However, in saying that if you want a quick fix novella to read on your break and love Election Fever, then check out Primary Season by Sara Celi.


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