VBT# Stand - Jennifer Rebecca

Stand (Southern Heartbeats #1)

Review: Stand - Book #1 Southern Heartbeats - Jennifer Rebecca - November 2016

Every now and again, you can pick up books and not be sure what you are going to expect. For me, that was Stand by Jennifer Rebecca. To be honest, what drew me to this book was the fact that the author has two first names. The cover was the second thing that drew me in and lastly it was the idea of a small town called Tall Pines. Stand by Jennifer Rebecca sparked for me a few things when I was reading it. The first was that sports star Cody Reynolds was in an accident while playing NFL and his WAG ended up dumping him in the hospital, good riddance to bad rubbish. When this happened it did give me an idea of what was going to happen as when athletes like this have an accident, they often head back to their hometowns. The another thing that sparked for me was that our main female lead Ange aka Angellica lived a life that resembled Chicago Med or Heartbeat. I could imagine her a bit like Melissa George's character in Heartbeats, and then after a cheating boyfriend/boss, she does a Zoe Hart from Hart of Dixie and heads to the small town of Tall Pines where her parents were from as they need a new school nurse. The rest of the book Stand was your usual predictable contemporary romance where the two outsiders hate each other and clash and then eventually despite their personal obstacles fall in love. The one thing I had hoped was that the book would have touched deeper into Ange's parents especially who her father was as it touched briefly. This would have been an interesting twist since Ange hasn't seen her or heard from her father since she was a baby. If you are in the mood for a sweet contemporary romance, then check out Stand by Jennifer Rebecca. Perfect for those lovers of small-town romances.



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