VBT: Believe - Katie Delahanty

  Amanda Conrad aka @BootsMD's cousin Olivia Bloom aka Liv is finally getting married. After a whirlwind romance and life in the tabloids as the other woman ever since she fell head over heels and in love with the lead singer of the band Brightside Berkley.  Whisked to South Africa, this is not only the trip of a lifetime as she is the maid of honor at her cousin's wedding. It is also her last trip anywhere for a while as she is about to start her residency as a Doctor and hopefully get the position in Plastics that she has been aiming for. During the wedding party, Amanda meets Mark. He is the bass player for Brightside and lately he has been trying to go his way with music and started a band called Coconut Teazer. During the trip in South Africa and a Safari hunt, Mark and Amanda connect and spend a glorious night together before reality hits, and they are both back to their real lives. Months pass and Amanda is working hard at work and Mark with his band when they run into each other, Amanda never stopped thinking of him but doesn't know if he feels the same. One thing leads to another and when a tragedy occurs - it gives Amanda an epiphany to live her life and do something spontaneous, this act leads her to head on tour with Mark ( as a friend) but what happens when she knows she feels more and jealousy strikes and she ends up getting hurt. This part annoyed me as it was like a child tantrum and full-on pity party. It's like why didn't she tell Mark how she felt as HELLO he cares about her too.  This last leaving pushed them both to the brink, and they left without a word to one another, and we read as they both go along with their lives, but of course something is missing for both of them. The love they had for one another. Can Mark prove to Amanda that she isn't just another notch on the bedpost and that he does love her just like Berkley and Liv do? One of my favorite parts of this book was near the last chapter when we see the final rise of Amanda and Mark's relationship. This part filled my heart with glee.
I am now looking forward to heading back to the earlier two books in the series and reading more about the family and their relationships.


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