Monday, November 14, 2016

Review: Finding Chris Evans - The Fortune Teller Edition - Elizabeth Bemis

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Finding Chris Evans: The Fortune Teller Edition: a Free Prequel

Review: Finding Chris Evans: The Fortune Teller Edition - Elizabeth Bemis - September 2016

For years, Madame Esmeralda or to her close family Aunt Izzy has worked for years as a fortune teller for the carnivals. Traveling around and reading tarot cards for others. While in the small town of Haralson, Minnesota she gets a surprise client. Her nephew Chris Evans is in town, and he's moving here. Izzy can't help but want happiness for him especially after the loss of his wife.  Enter Ellie Mittelstadt, she has just moved to town and is getting her fortune read. She could do with some joy and happiness and possibly some romance. Madame Esmeralda decides to play matchmaker and tells Ellie in her fortune that to find true love and happiness; she must find Chris Evans, and he will be her "one." What Madame Esmeralda didn't realize is that this small town holds six Chris Evans’s. Now the fates have decided to play a role and have set in motion for six women to fall in love with one of six Chris Evans. Finding Chris Evans: The Fortune Teller Edition is the prequel to the series and gives the readers insight into what they could expect and why this has all happened. After reading this edition, I went out and brought the rest of the series on my Kindle and now looking forward to reading the rest of the Finding Chris Evans series - all by a different author. One different author per book.


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