Review: Lead - Kylie Scott

Lead (Stage Dive, #3)

Review: Lead - Book #3 Stage Dive Series - Kylie Scott - November 2014

I have officially now finished the Stage Dive Series by Kylie Scott, and yes, I managed to read them out of order, but I tend to do that often- though I never mean to, it just happens. Book #3 Lead was the story of Jimmy Ferris who is Dave's older brother, and the female lead is Lena. Jimmy as readers would know from the other books in the series has been in and out of rehab, he is your druggie/ alcohol problem rockstar. He also happens to run through his "rehab counselors" like they are going out of fashion. That is until Lena arrives on the scene, she is desperate for a job and takes what she can. She is snappy, sarcastic and won't put up with anyone's rubbish chucked at her and she also needs an excuse not to return home. She is exactly what Jimmy needs and at first, we have our maybe this isn't going to work moments as Jimmy's facade shows through - the temper tantrums but soon he realizes that Lena isn't going anywhere and he could do with a friend. Over the course of the novel, Lena and Jimmy get close on a friendship level and then after an emotional evening, something bonds them together, and now Lena can't stop thinking about Jimmy in a sexual way. Thinking the right thing to do is leave but it comes apparent that there is no way in hell that Jimmy is going to let Lena leave so he does the only thing he can think of to make her stay - he sleeps with her so that she can hate him. Through a series of blind dates, can Lena meet someone to take her mind off Jimmy? What will happen when she finally meets someone who could work for her?  Overall, despite the predictable storyline as we all knew where it was going to head. I did enjoy the character of Jimmy and though Mal is my favorite member of Stage Dive - Jimmy would be taking 2nd Place for me.   If you love Rock N Roll, Music Romances then Stage Dive is the perfect New Adult Romance series for you by Australian author Kylie Scott.


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